Vault Medical Records is an electronic health record system designed exclusively for post-acute care

It’s not just another one-size-fits-all platform with dozens of unnecessary features. It’s focused, easy, and functional.

Transform your post-acute care hospital into an efficiently managed, patient‑centric revenue generating facility in just days, not weeks.



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Address the challenges of today & tomorrow with one solution

Vault’s founder was seeking an electronic healthcare record for his post-acute facilities. He found that most EHRs focused on the needs of large hospitals and outpatient clinics, not post-acute care – that’s how Vault Medical Records was born. Vault worked closely with clinicians and hospital administrators to get unbiased feedback, ensuring the system performs the way you need it. Our EHR is designed to make clinicians documentation easy and accurate, with workflows based on actual healthcare usage.

Understanding the unique industry requirements and challenges, the company advances its EHR healthcare system to enable rapid growth, better availability, and advanced security. ​
Vault Medical Records migrates to Amazon Web Services (AWS), integrates HL7 messaging, and enhances the alerting solution to better assist clients with regulatory compliance. ​

Vault Medical Records continues its series of integrations and improvements to comply with new regulatory requirements, facilitate patient billing, and streamline the document flow. With a combination of hands-on experience, thoughtful vision, and innovative solutions, we help LTPAC leaders solve their day-to-day challenges confidently, ensure better patient engagement, and create a more effective approach to community health management.

Why Vault Medical Records

Leverage technology to streamline workflows, reduce errors and increase revenue and profits

Seamless and accurate EHR integration

End-to-end EHR system implementation and ongoing maintenance eliminate the risk of incorrect or missing data. Help your clinicians make informed decisions, deliver high-quality services, and achieve better outcomes.

additional revenue

Vault’s unique value proposition is driving additional revenue for facilities. Vault is designed specifically to help clinicians, regardless of their experience or skillset, accurately score a patient’s level of function to reflect the true burden of care.

Instant kick-off with minimal staff training

Our EHR medical platform is tailored for advanced post-acute care. Provide your clinicians with all the essential features for high performance while reducing system training time from two weeks to two hours.

Secure and fail-safe operations

Our cloud-native next-gen EHR ensures data protection against most security threats while offering 99% availability even during peak loads.

Well fitted for today, scalable for tomorrow

Our platform comprises all the necessary EHR functions to meet your needs today, while remaining flexible and customizable enough to support your business growth in the future.

Accelerated clinicians workflows

Routine tasks are optimized and facilitated. Your staff deals with the documentation quickly, improving clinicians effectiveness and quality time with patients.

Challenges that leaders like you face during an electronic health records implementation:

  • Inaccurate or partial migration of patient records from an existing to a new platform result in a poor patient experience.
  • On average, clinician navigation through new EHR systems take two weeks, along with lower patient flow and lost patient revenues.
  • Physicians at digitized health facilities spend two hours on documentation for every hour spent on patient care.
  • Most medical software fosters collaborative patient care but doesn’t simplify and accelerate clinicians medical routine.
  • With coronavirus travel restrictions and tight timelines, new EHR software integration and training is challenging or even impossible.


Imagine a post-acute care, inpatient rehabilitation facility with accurate data, streamlined patient care, solid financial position, and advanced healthcare delivery. Make it real today with Vault Medical Records.

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